Friday, December 2, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 2nd: Red.

TODAY Josh hung out with Barry most of the day, which gave ME the opportunity to wrap Josh's Christmas gifts :D I've always enjoyed wrapping presents - working for the crisp lines of a well-wrapped package is so rewarding to me. And I like getting creative with wrapping, too. I can't wait til the presents we ordered for our friends and family get here so I can wrap MORE gifts! :) 

Sometimes I struggle with the whole "commercialization of Christmas" issue. I'm saddened that so much focus is put on "things" this time of year, but I enjoy giving gifts to those I love. I (somewhat) enjoy decorating, I enjoy wrapping, I enjoy surprising, and I enjoy being creative in these ways. Is that bad? I don't think so. *Shrug* My views may change when we have kids who need to be taught the "true meaning of Christmas." But for now I'm going to enjoy the excuse to love on my friends and family, even if it is in a materialistic way :)

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