Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 7th: Lucky. 

YEAH YEAH YEAH I'm being sappy - sue me. I'm lucky to have such a loving and forgiving and thoughtful husband who is also my best friend! It's just like that song. He takes such good care of me! 

I'm craving bread like crazy today. Specifically, Panera's baguettes. Omg. I want it! But I don't need it. One of the hard things about juicing for me is that I'm very particular when it comes to the texture of my drinks... usually it's water all the way, baby (with the very occasional, very thin smoothie). But with fresh juice, it's thicker than water and leaves a film in my mouth. And it's usually room-temperature. I can deal with smoothies because they're cold (and because I'm already used to those in my life), but room-temperature vegetable juice with the film and everything is kinda nasty. I plan to buy cheesecloth to filter my juice, and hopefully that'll help with the thickness.. As for the temperature, I can't really do much besides make it a smoothie or stick it in the fridge for a few hours (which kind of defeats the point..). I'm considering making the majority of my drinks smoothies, and just drinking one or two cups of straight-up juice each day. You think that would be okay? As long as my vegetable juice is in the smoothie, I don't see a problem... 

This evening we went over to the Musgroves for Survivor! Our favorite player was eliminated :( But it was still a good time :D Laurie and Amy came too, and Katie showed us her awesome Christmas tree/Christmas decorations in her room :D We were going to play one of Josh's new games, but unfortunately I hadn't had enough juice to last me through the hour, so we scooted outta there early. Next time I'll take a bottle with me and we can play "The Resistance!" 

Oh my gosh, bread is all I can think about today. I hope this craving goes away, and soon! 

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