Friday, December 9, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 9th: Collectibles. 

These are my piggy banks! The big one was a wedding gift from my Aunt and Uncle, and I loved it at first sight. The second was also a wedding gift... but I don't remember who it was from (sorry!). And the LITTLE ONE is the piggy bank that I painted at Fired Up a week and a half ago! ISN'T SHE CUTE?

She's crazy, isn't she?! I had fun with this one. When I picked it up at Fired Up, the employees told me that another customer had seen it on the "to be picked up" shelf, and they liked it so much they copied it! That was so flattering! Haha. Actually, I saw the copy first... but it was different.. and I was like, "Whaaa...?! Did they change my pig? I... what.." But thankfully the nice kid manning the store told me what happened. Pretty cool :)

Today was fun! I got to hang out with JEN most of the afternoon (we went Christmas shopping!) I had a lot of fun! :) Then this evening, Josh and I went to the Russell/Jameson Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. They were serving freaking fajitas.. and they smelled so good, haha. But we went in prepared with a couple bottles of Naked Juice in case we needed them. Today was the easiest day of the fast so far for me - that's encouraging!

Bethany and Isaac are gettin' married tomorrow! I'm so excited!

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