Sunday, December 11, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 11th: Wish.

I wish that Messy Monday hadn't taken so long to film tonight. Hahaha. Can you say slap happy? Good thing I wrote the rest of this post earlier. I'm not even going to edit it. Goodnight guys. 

Yesterday morning I realized thaaaaat I'm losing weight pretty quickly... Ten pounds in five days. That's a lot! It's a problem though, because I'm already underweight (due to malabsorption issues). I just can't lose anymore weight; I already feel like a skeleton and none of my clothes fit me anymore and I never thought I'd wish I was bigger but I DO and I've lost all my curves and if I lose anymore weight I'll look like a preteen! Josh assures me that I won't lol but still. I was going to call doc Rawdon on Monday, to see what he suggests, but after I talked with Josh... I haven't felt this good/healthy in a long time! But the last thing I need is to lose more weight. So we reintroduced solid food today, with the plan of still getting the majority of our calories from vegetable juices... just with the addition of one or two light meals each day. Depending on the day. 

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  1. Don't go doing anything unhealthy... make sure you're maintaining a good weight. I'd hate for you to just waste (waist?) away!