Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 13th: Shoes.

These are my favorite shoes. (Actually, they're my only shoes that are suited for the cold. I'd like to get myself a pair of black boots so I have a less vibrant option during the winter :p) Also these are my favorite pajamas. Don't be fooled by their Christmas-y pattern! I wear them all year long ;)

Gluten Free for the Holidays is doing a giveaway this December and tempting me with daily gf dessert recipes. Today I came across these two gluten-free cookie recipes:
I want both of them, haha. Linking to these on my blog gives me two extra entries in the giveaway, boom. But the recipes look freaking amazing, too.... One day my body will deal with sugar better and I will make these vegan cookies for Christmas.

Today I tried my hand at sewing... It wasn't awful! But the gift I was working on turned out a little wonky.. I may scrap it and try again. I'd like to be more comfortable with sewing. I feel like it's something I would enjoy if I could just get the hang of it!

Coming off of the juice fast, I find myself much more willing to eat raw vegetables. Praise the Lord! I think the week-long fast was starting to retrain my taste buds a little, like I don't even hate celery as much :D That's a really good thing. Now I just need to keep it up :) 

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  1. That's great! (the gluten free cookies recipe) Just about half of my family has had to go gluten free this past year. Are all the recipes going to be under those links?

    ~Anna Midgett~