Friday, December 16, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 16th: Vintage.

One of the Taylor's annual Christmas traditions is to visit the Christmas-lit-up Opryland Hotel, and we follow a very specific "migration pattern" through the hotel each year, in order to hit all the favorite spots ;) John and Sarah tagged along this time too. It was fun. There were so many options for the "vintage" theme today (I love all the cool carpets) but my favorite of Opryland's vintage decor is the big murals. I think the above picture of everyone is pretty ballin'! :D

As we worked our way through the hotel, I snapped a few more shots that I like:

Christmas Lights
Ladies in Red!
Vintage-Style Carpet
My handsome husband :)
It was a good time. I'm usually not a huuuuuuuuge fan of walking around and stuff, but this year was definitely fun. I was super encouraged by the amount of energy I had tonight, compared to last year's visit! Praise God for getting healthy :) I think it also helped that it isn't too cold outside yet. Also, John and Sarah bring such a silly dynamic to the group... Lots of goofing off and laughing. I enjoyed it :) 

I love my family-in-law. I'm gonna miss them while they're in Florida!!

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