Monday, December 19, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 19th: Inspiration.

Josh has discovered a ton of new, interesting games.. his research and these new games have inspired him to explore the idea of doing his own game reviews to put online. I think he'd be great at it. :)

Josh and I had a chill day. No work, no running around town for Christmas projects, no plans... We just hung out. It was nice. Josh edited and uploaded this week's Messy Monday vid, "Batman is Real and Santa is Fake" haha. And we went to Qdoba for dinner! Grilled Veggie Burrito = DELICIOUS. And we're about to watch the last Harry Potter movie! Dude I am so excited. It has officially taken longer to watch the movies than it did for me to read the books. Unbelievable, haha. I guess we're just not movie people anymore... 

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