Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 20th: Looking Down.

Lookin' down at my cinnamon-covered hands. Totally should've cut  my nails before I started kneading the dough... Oh well! Now I know :) And my hands smell amazing.

This evening, Josh hung out with the MacDonalds to play games and celebrate Mrs Angie's birthday! :) I wanted to go, but I had too much stuff to get done and not enough time over the next few days to do it. So I invited Jen, we went to the store, and I got to work. Today was a pretty full day! Jen helped me put together party favors, I made a batch of cinnamon ornaments, started making a snowflake garland, wrapped up our Dirty Santa gifts, and made cookie dough to freeze, so I can pop 'em in the oven on Thursday (for the party). I had a blast! Having Jen there to crack jokes and select the perfect music made my evening so much better :) 

Dude, I won something today! Remember that amazing-looking gluten-free cinnamon roll recipe + giveaway I posted on here a few days ago? I won a book called Go Dairy Free from Jules! :) AND another blogger who participated in the Gluten Free Easy Holiday event quoted my comment this morning. I showed the post to Josh and asked him to guess which one was mine... He immediately guessed mine and didn't even continue reading to see if he was right haha :P He knows me so well! (Hint: it's the third quoted comment in the post). So yeah, it's been a cool day all around :)

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