Saturday, December 24, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 24th: Pajamas.

Josh and I celebrated "our" Christmas today! It was a blast. Josh loved his gifts... I worked very hard on them, so that was super rewarding. Josh gave me a bunch of camera accessories... I've barely had a chance to play around with them, but I did use my new 18-55 lens to shoot the PJ photo :) And here are a couple shots I got with two of the other main gifts:

Lensbaby Control Freak (with a few interchangeable optic lenses):

Macro lens adapter:

I'm thrilled. THRILLED. Seriously the best part, though, was seeing Josh's face when he opened my gifts to him. I was able to surprise him completely with most of them! I love that feeling! Don't tell him I told you, but he even teared up over one of my handmade gifts to him <3 That's what I love about Christmas. 

The downside to today... Well, last night after I got home from shopping, I realized that my engagement ring was missing. It's been loose on my finger for a few months, and when it's chilly/my hands are dry, it tends to slide off pretty easily. But I avoided resizing the ring since we only get one more free resize on our warranty. Now I wish I hadn't put that off! I retraced my steps this afternoon and nobody had turned it in (it was kind of a long shot anyway, I know). I know it's just a "thing" but I'm so sad that I lost it. That's the ring Josh proposed to me with. I've been wearing it for two years. It's got a lot of sentimental value :/ I'm HOPING and PRAYING that it's somewhere in this house. I didn't notice it was gone until right before we went to bed, and I know that I play with my ring a lot, so I feel like I would've noticed it was gone before then, you know? But we just can't find it.

When I talked to my dad about it, he reminded me that my mom had lost her ring during the first few years of their marriage, too. He said, "..we're still going strong after 27 years, so maybe that's a good sign!" Hahaha. It was interesting, talking to the different workers in my quest for my ring today. A couple of them commented on how that was bad luck. That surprised me! I don't think of the ring as what keeps Josh and I together. Like, I know we'd be okay even if both of us lost our wedding bands.. and our marriage license, too! It's not about superstitions for me... I'm just sad and frustrated with myself for losing such a sentimentally valuable piece of jewelry. Sigh. I have faith that it will turn up... But if it doesn't, I'll just have a less sparkly left hand. Nothing else will change. BUT I STILL WANT TO FIND IT haha. I'm such a girl.

Now I'm finishing up a last-minute project for my family's Christmas :) We're watching Slumdog Millionaire! (well... Josh fell asleep :P) And I'm happy. I'm excited about Feener Christmas tomorrow.

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  1. I've been praying today that you find your ring. I know how it feels to suffer loss so I think I know how you feel right now. Just remember, that as much as we love the things here on earth, they are all just temporal. Your love and marriage are the things that really matter. That ring, as sentimental as it is to both of you, is just a thing. What you two have is something that can never be destroyed. I really hope you find your ring, and praying that God leads you to it, or the person that maybe has found it will turn it in. Merry Christmas!