Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 28th: Lights. 

Dude. Josh got me a bokeh kit with the Lensbaby lens for Christmas :) I hadn't played with it until tonight, but I think it's so fun! I cut out that starburst by hand :) It's nothing too fancy (next I want to try a snowflake!), but it's still pretty cool.

We just got done playing some Halo Firefight with Barry and EMILY! That was so fun! I'm glad she hopped on and they called us so we could all play. :)

Today I got some pretty good deals on Christmas stuff at HobLob, Goodwill, and Kroger! I also bought some paint and paintbrushes so I can start playing with the canvases the Taylors got me. Feels good. I look forward to learning how to use that stuff.

Josh is editing the tree-felling video. Lots of chainsaw noises and "woo!"s and "HOLY CRAP"s lol.

Hey, Benge is on! We're going to play some more Halo now. OKAY BYE

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