Thursday, December 29, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 28th: Smile

We went over to the Turners' tonight for taco salad and games! I left my memory cards at home, silly me, but Mrs. Lesa saved the day with her iPad. The game they're playing in the picture is called "Got 'Em!" (Mr. David mopped the floor with the rest of 'em). We also played Settlers of Catan (the Turners had never played! Steven and Josh were close the whole game, but Josh pulled it out in the end). It was so fun! I love getting to go over to the Turners because they're all so friendly, and we get to play fun games with them. We missed Calista&Alex and Justin, but it was a good time anyway :)

Other than that, I spent most of the day organizing some of the cluttered corners in our house (and now the house is even messier than when I started, haha.. It always seems to work that way! But it'll be awesome once it's uncluttered and finished). Josh spent the afternoon helping Barry clear up the aftermath of the dead tree they took down the other day. Check out the video of the tree coming down that Josh put together here

What a good day :)

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