Friday, December 30, 2011


Holy crap. One more day. One more day?? This doesn't feel real.

Photo Challenge for December 30th: Silver 

I made a light box (like this one) this evening! That's why this picture is so well-lit, even though I took it at 10:00 PM inside our dim apartment. I think it looks like a stock photo - you be the judge of whether that's a good or bad thing, haha, but honestly I'm proud of my little light box. It's going to make things easier for me around here, that's for sure! I just wish I'd made one months ago. 

I spent most of today refining my 2012 Resolutions, working out a new budget, and learning more about meal planning/couponing. Why didn't I start this sooner? It's overwhelming, but it's also invigorating! Getting organized, making a plan, setting goals... I love that stuff. It's the following through part that I struggle with, haha. (That's actually one of my resolutions, to finish projects strong :p) 

Josh got a new two-player card game in the mail today! It's called Lost Cities and it is awesome. Josh gets an A in game-choosing. ;)

Yeah, wow, I just can't believe that tomorrow will be the end of this project. Holy cow.  

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