Favorite Blogs

Here are some of the blogs I enjoy:

An Abiding AnchorMy best friend from high school, offering up poems, thoughts, and challenging ideas with a good dose of humor and lightheartedness. And coffee! Lots of coffee.

Back to Her Roots - A personality-filled food and lifestyle blog, centered around fresh and natural living.

Bower Power - A life and design blog from a former homeschooler who married a preacher's kid. Since I'm both of those things, I can usually relate to these guys. And it helps that Katie is hilarious. 

Cara in Madagascar - A high school friend who is now a missionary in Madagascar and a master storyteller.

Emily Rushton - My inspiration to tackle the 365 project. I enjoyed her 2010 project so much that I started my own :) This blog is her new, non-365 blog filled with amazing photographs.

The Generous Wife - Daily reminders and tips to live and love generously. 

Oh She Glows - Tons of vegan recipes and tips for healthy living.

PostSecret - A weekly "community art project" where people anonymously send their secrets in on postcards. (Sometimes NSFW)

Taylorville - My husband's occasional thoughts on the parallels between marriage and spirituality. 

The Thought Spot - My good friend's blog, where she documents her thoughts and the recent goings-ons in her life. 

Young House Love -  My favorite design blog. My favorite blog, period! 

Updated 9/16