Wednesday, August 31, 2011


These are the beautiful flowers that Josh got me for our anniversary ♥ I love them. They remind me of fall. Which is super close, BY THE WAY :D Fall is my favorite season.

I have been so unmotivated today. I planned to clean the house, go shopping, and start packing.. but I barely even got to the most basic cleaning goals. So I was just on the phone with Josh, explaining my lack of motivation (he was completely laid back - "Don't worry about it, we'll do it together tomorrow." Have I mentioned how wonderful/patient he is?) Anyway, I expressed the difficulty I was having with today's blog post, so he said, "I'll ask you five questions and you can answer those for today's post."  Sooo here goes:

1. What is your all-time favorite movie?
Impossible. I have to cheat - I'm gonna break this one up (sorry, Josh!) 
Cartoon: Up
Chick Flick: P.S. I Love You
Epic: the original Star Wars Trilogy
Musical: Fiddler on the Roof
Nerd Flick: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

2. If God told you he would answer one question directly (and you couldn't ask for a million more questions) what would that question be? 
I've thought long and hard about this one. I thought about going the silly route ("What were You thinking when you created the platypus?") or the theological route ("Free Will or Predestined?"), but in the end. All I really wonder is, "Am I lovely to You? Are You proud of me?"

I'm sure that says a lot about me.. good or bad, I'm not sure which.

3. If As Cities Burn actually does a reunion show with TJ, what will you do?
Freak out. Kiss my husband. Go to the show. Be happy.

4. What is one thing about marriage that completely took you by surprise?
The fights. That they're not something to hide from! I would rather hash things out - hurt feelings and all - than ignore the tough stuff or be lied to. I always feel the closest to Josh after we've talked through differences or hurt feelings, and made up. There's nothing sweeter than understanding and being understood... Honesty and communication are so important to me!

5. What is current favorite video game/what is your favorite video game of all time? 
Current: Portal 2
All Time: it's a tie between Star Fox 64 and Sketchy Tower Defense

6. Did you know I was lying about there being only 5 questions?
... you silly. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Mario Party 7 with Josh, Amy, and Jordy :} I won! It's a miracle.

Monday, August 29, 2011


One year ago today, we got married in front of our friends and family. That was such a good day! So we're celebrating our anniversary with an "us day." When I woke up, Josh had flowers and a very sweet card for me, and he even made me breakfast! What a man. We've spent the day reminiscing and laughing, and just enjoying each other's company. Josh is gonna take me out on a hot date in a few minutes, so I prettied myself up and he wore my favorite shirt :) I'm excited! It's been a perfect day, so I'm looking forward to rounding it out with a movie and some dessert. 

It's been such a beautiful year. On one hand, it feels like the wedding was just yesterday, but it also feels like I've been living with Josh for almost my whole life! Life with my best friend came so naturally. It's not always easy, but I wouldn't trade any of it. Not the fights, or the hurt feelings or the misunderstandings or the pain or any of it... those unpleasant things have brought us so much closer. We've seen each other at our worst and we still love each other ♥ That's not to say that this year has been mostly bad - that's not it at all. It's been so good. But I've just been thinking a lot lately about how God brings blessings through pain and/or suffering, so it's cool to remember the hard times and the ways they brought Josh and I closer. I'm looking forward to the many years to come!

OKAY I'm gonna go hang out with my awesome husband now. See you cats later. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Late lunch with my family today :) Time with them is so good. Nothing is sweeter than sitting around the bonus room, just chatting with them. Will you guys pray for my sweet momma? She's having a little trouble with her memory and I think it's scaring her :/ I hope it's ok that I've shared that.. I just want to get some prayer going for her. (P.S. isn't her sweet new "BLESSINGS" art so cool?)

Now we're over at the Taylor's - Josh and Jordan are working on a Blimey Cow video. Amy and I just got kicked out of the filming room, haha. I think that having an audience was stressing Josh out... Getting the boot bummed me out at first, but I'm better now - I know Josh needs some space when he's working on something creative. I'm the same way! Besides, Amy and I are watching Design Star on HGTV, so I'd say it's not a completely terrible trade-off. ;)


Tonight we went over to the Perry's for pizza and Loaded Questions.... It was our first time to visit the Perry's beautiful and colorful home. So fun! This'll be short because I'm worn out, but I had a blast... And Sarah made the best veggie pizza I've ever, ever tasted. And the most delicious fruit pizza for dessert! It was so good. And the company was wonderful, too. I really enjoyed sitting around the table and chatting.. thanks so much to the Perry's for having us over :)

Now... it is most definitely time for bed.

Friday, August 26, 2011


This afternoon, I was in a serious mood for something sweet. There are grapes in the fridge, and orange juice popsicles in the freezer, but I didn't want that kind of sweet. I wanted bad for you sweet. I wanted chocolate cake. Enter Chef Jess's Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake (found via Pinterest). If you've been in my house during the last month or so, you've probably noticed the printed-off recipe dangling from our cups cabinet - it's taken me a while to muster the courage to try it, but today I finally did it. It was so easy, and yummy too! Just the appropriate amount of chocolate to satisfy me for a few weeks. It did taste like it'd been microwaved, though. Josh says, "it tastes like a chocolate nuclear bomb," hahaha. For what it is, it's amazing (oh, and did I mention it only takes five minutes to make?!). 

So if you're looking for a rich, moist, died-and-gone-to-heaven chocolate cake, don't make this one. That kind of perfection takes time (and lots of love!). But this is a great trick to have up your sleeve when you want to satisfy those chocolate cake cravings in a pinch! (F.Y.I. - The cake only came up to about halfway in our mega-mug. But we shared it and it was more than enough. I'd be willing to bet that a scoop of ice cream on top would be incredible..)

We're over at the Taylor's now to work on a top secret Blimey Cow project... We've had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this one, forrealzyouguyz. Josh and I stayed up for like an hour after we'd gotten into bed, brainstorming and laughing at our own ideas in the dark. You guys wouldn't believe how goofy Josh and I can be. Wouldn't. Believe it. On second thought, it's probably just a you-had-to-be-there kinda thing..

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I burnt my fingers cooking dinner :( ouchie... Check out those hawt mismatched band-aids though! Straight ballin'.

I recently stumbled upon a homeschooling blog called Encouraging Hearts at Home that I enjoy reading.. Josh and I have had numerous discussions about our desire to homeschool our own children one day, so I figure I can get a head start by reading Misty's blog! She's on the tail end of a project inspired by Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts - every Monday, she lists things she's thankful for, with the goal of listing 1,000 by Thanksgiving.

Her project inspires me! It's easy for me to get sucked up in the negatives when I'm always on the verge of feeling sick. So I feel like this would be beneficial to take part in... retrain my brain to look at things more positively/ focus on the blessings in my life instead of the negatives.

Now, there are thirteen weeks until Thanksgiving. Which gives me 91 days. So here's the dilemma: should I attempt to fit 1000 gifts in by Thanksgiving? That's 11 items every day. I know that would get overwhelming, especially on the inevitable evenings when I've waited until the last minute to write my blog... So maybe I should do more of a weekly thing - just keep a running list to post on a chosen day each week and see how many I can come up with by Thanksgiving (I doubt it would be 1000 but I'd be interested to see how far I'd get!). Folks, I think I just talked myself into a weekly post...

Yep, here it is: Thankful Thursdays. Huh? Huh? How you like them apples?? I even threw some alliteration in there so it's easy for you people to remember. I know. You're welcome. Oh, stop, you're making me blush ^_^

The secret, I think, will be to stockpile them throughout the week so I don't have to come up with all of 'em in one day, like I'm doing today. So here it is... THE MAIDEN VOYAGE ... #1-35:

carrot fries - my family - God's provision - healthy food - Teitur - two cars (so when one is having trouble, we can still get to where we need to be) - electric fans - Waking the Dead by John Eldredge - my sweet husband's willingness to do the laundry - one year of marriage (on Monday!) - that Josh gets to work from home - healing (even the kind that comes through tears) - salvation - our cute town home - a great landlord - clean, cold water - a patient husband - my awesome family-in-law - being a housewife - Star Wars - feeling pretty - Fiddler on the Roof - cooler days -  Josh's beautiful green eyes - salmon - Josh's perfect fried potatoes - ranch dressing - ACV - electric dishwasher - Blimey Cow - iron supplements - waking up to phone calls from Momma - salt baths - back massages - this blog

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is the sorry state of our front steps (not pictured: the monster-plant taking over most of our tiny porch). I'm not proud of it! But since the HOA takes care of the lawn, Josh and I don't really need any lawn care tools... And since we're renting, I don't feel comfortable with overhauling the landscaping. I'd rather learn how to do all that once it's my own garden that I'm potentially messing up, haha... So since we don't spend any time keeping our plants in order, this guy has slowly been allowed to overtake our steps and porch.. Shame, shame. I'll have to see if a pair of wimpy office scissors will do the trick, and if not, maybe I can just shove all it back into the bushes? Don't judge me!

On a completely unrelated note, I've had Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head most of today. Particularly the very beginning: "May the Lord protect and defend you; may He always shield you from shame." I've always loved that part of the movie... Everything slows down so the whole town can focus on God, and they start the Sabbath with a blessing from the parents to the children. I've always just thought it was so beautiful and meaningful. Annnnnd now I want to watch Fiddler on the Roof! If I Were A Rich Man = the best scene. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today has been perfect. Well, except for the framing of this picture, haha. I just couldn't get it right. 

We're going back over to the Taylor's tonight. Which is a major plus because not only do I get to hang out with my awesome in-laws again (I've heard rumors of a Blimey Cow brainstorming session...), but I also don't have to make dinner for the second night in a row :P Momma Laurie spoils us, I tell you.. 

[edit - 3:45] I've just spent some time updating my "favorite blogs" tab with three more blogs (I won't make you guess which ones- check out "The Generous Wife," "A Genuine Journey," and "The Thought Spot!"). I also figured out how to make each link open in a new window.. which I know is super simple, but it feels pretty cool to me! 


I've always liked this bust of Abraham Lincoln that sits in the Taylor's front room. I think it's classy :)

Tonight we went over to the Taylor's for dinner :) It felt like it'd been forever since I'd seen them... The last three times Josh has hung out with them, I've had other things going on. So I was very happy to get to spend time with my great family-in-law :) Heck, I consider them just as close as the family I grew up with! I love nothing more than sitting around the living room with the whole family, talking about this or that.. there's always so much laughter. They're some of my best friends! And I just feel so blessed to have them. ♥  

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I'm the worst at planning for my daily pictures. THE WORST. I was at the cutest Bridal Shower I've ever been to, and I forgot to take my camera - or at least I THOUGHT I'd forgotten. Which is way worse than forgetting it. Because it was just sitting in the car the whole time. And I didn't take any pictures. I fail so hard at documenting important events on this blog..

But like I said, it was the cutest Bridal Shower I've been to. Bethany's sister, Monica, and their mother, Judy, were excellent hostesses. All the details were perfect!  And I had such a good time catching up with old friends :) I can't believe that Bethany and David are getting married in thirteen days - I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEDDING! Probably the most excited I've been about a wedding since my own. Those two are precious

We also had lunch with my family before the shower :) Always good to see them and get to hug them all. While I was at the shower, Josh, Barry, Amy, Jordan, and Lil Josh hung out at the house, to play Monopoly. They were still there when I got home, so we all hung out for a little bit. After they left, neither Josh nor I wanted to make dinner, so we went to Panera for a last-minute dinner date :) It's been a pretty busy day!

Also, go check out the new Batman Messyges! They crack me up.. 

I'm still kicking myself for not taking a picture at Bethany's shower, man.. :/

Saturday, August 20, 2011


YEAYAH. Another girl's night. Aren't they cuties? We watched Sense and Sensibility (it was really good too!) while we cut out mustaches and other fun accessories for Bethany's wedding photo booth. Then we plugged in Young Victoria, and I was super into it until the blu ray player decided to be a diva and not play. But it was late by then anyway, so I guess it was for the best. I'll see if Netflix has it, and if not I'll borrow it from Emily ;P 

Speaking of borrowing from Emily, thanks for letting me use your camera tonight! :) Josh had the camera at his family's house tonight, where they filmed another Batman Messyges (he showed me a coupla clips and it looks awesome!). Looking forward to the finished project. 


so cute :)

So... Josh really likes the fair, but I'm boring, and I don't like the fair. I understand why they're fun. I've had fun at the fair before! Buuuut that was before I started caring what I ate, and before I started HATING aimless wandering (makes me nervous), and before my tummy couldn't handle simple rides anymore. I wish I enjoyed going, I really do - especially since Josh's face lights up every time he talks about it. :/ So he has to get his "fair share" (harhar!) with other people - he went last weekend with Barry, and he went with his family tonight. He had a great time! And he had some pretty crazy stories for us when he got home, haha. I'm glad he's got friends and family that'll go to the fair with him, so I don't have to feel like I'm holding him back from fun. :) He gets so excited about stuff... I love his energy.

While Josh was out enjoying the fair, I was going to stay home all night. Just chillin'. But then Jen texted me and we made plans for her and Emily to come over here for some girl time! Well, that wasn't the original plan... Emily locked herself out, then Jen rescued her with a credit card, then we met up at Starbucks, but there were so many people that we relocated to the house :) It was a good night. Lots to talk about. They only just left, and it's 1:15am! We're all exhausted, as evidenced by today's picture. BED TIME GOODNIGHT.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Please excuse this post. I can tell it's all over the place and I'm not making a whole lot of sense.

You guys, I sleep in a lot. It keeps me from getting to sleep at night. Which... makes me sleep in again the next day, haha. So I'm trying to wake up earlier each day... so I can get to sleep earlier... Needless to say, my body's having a hard time catching up! I'm worthless when I don't get enough sleep... Lame, but true. I literally did nothing today. Nothing. At. All. 

Josh visited the Powells this afternoon to make a video and play some games - he had a great time! And he brought back the most delicious sweet pickles I've ever tasted. Turns out, their grandmother has a secret recipe that was imparted to her from God himself (that's my suspicion, at least - they are that good!).

I did play Words With Friends a lot. That's... like, Spelling, right? Like in school.. right?  

What the heck do I take a picture of tonight. So tired of this blog right now. I'm gonna just use photo booth.. 

Now Josh is playing this old game on the Playstation that I do not understand at all. 

And I'm eating strawberries with dark chocolate chips. So yummy. 

And... and that's it. I'm praying this sleeping strategy works out. I'm ready to have energy again!

G'night, blogosphere. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Happy Wednesday from the Bookshelf Guardians!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Early post today. I'm just so excited about Josh's surprise, I don't want to wait to let y'all in on the secret!

Josh took me to Cedars of Lebanon State Park last night for our 3 year dating anniversary. (Which is where we got married! Isn't he romantic?) This was our first overnight trip by ourselves since the honeymoon.. Even though it was less than an hour away, this charming little cabin made us feel like we were on an adventure. It was so fun.

Special days like this always leave me feeling nostalgic. I'm thankful for our story, and I love remembering the ways God brought our hearts together! Worth celebrating. 

Monday, August 15, 2011


Three years ago today (August 15th, 2008), Josh took me on a little drive to the place we met (his old church). We sat on the hood of his car and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I agreed! But I wasn't feeling well that day, so I, uh... wasn't as outwardly thrilled as I should have been. Thinking back on my lack of enthusiasm, I'm horrified! What a silly girl I was. Thankfully he decided to stick with me anyway!

It's important to us to celebrate the big dates - when we met, when we finally admitted to each other that we had feelings, when we started dating, the first time we kissed, the night he proposed, and of course our wedding (our first anniversary is two weeks away, bee tee dubs). So since we started dating, we've tried to have a date night around the 15th of each month, in honor of that first 15th. Which, of course, means that on AUGUST 15th - the day that "officially" started it all  - on August 15th, we've gotta go bigger than the usual "15th" dinner-and-a-movie date night. 

For our first anniversary (2009), we drove to Crossville, TN to visit the world's largest treehouse. It was our first "road trip" together. If you can even call an hour-and-a-half-drive a road trip. :p We had a blast.. Packed up a picnic, took lots of goofy pictures.. I don't have any photos of the treehouse anymore :/ but Josh used all the pictures I'd taken during the drive to make the above collage. He gave it to me a week later. Isn't he the sweetest? :D

Last Year's August 15th (2010), I surprised Josh with another mini road trip. With two weeks to go before our wedding, I wanted to take him somewhere he would never guess we were going, but he would love once we got there. So we drove up to Cave City, KY to visit Dinosaur World! Josh has always loved dinosaurs, so I knew he'd appreciate the goofy/cheesy little family park. All the pictures we took there are still in film form (we were enjoying my newish 35mm camera at the time-didn't even take a digital one).. I'm so ashamed at my photo filing practices right now. But rest assured that we had a BLAST ♥

So now it's the third anniversary of when we started dating. I'm sure sometime down the road we'll combine the celebrations of our dating anniversary and our wedding anniversary since they're so close, but for now it's fun to celebrate both separately. 

Since I surprised Josh last year, it's his turn to surprise me this year. I have no idea where we're going or what we're doing, but he woke me up this morning and told me to pack a light overnight bag! And he says I'll love the surprise. :D I'm so excited. 

We're about to leave now, but I'll be sure to let you in on the surprise tomorrow! 



Started off with an early Feener Family Lunch (those are always great), followed by the awesome 5 hour version of Pride and Prejudice with Jen and Emily - first time I'd ever seen it and it was so good. We stayed til almost midnight talking, and that was so good too. I love those girls. Josh and Barry "had a BLAST" at the fair, riding all the rides while us girls had girly time! Such a great day...

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've been feeling pretty crummy today :( So this'll be short. 

Abbie and Emily Ebensberger came over today!! Abbie leaves for school tomorrow, so we wanted to make sure we got to see her before she left. We played Loaded Questions with them! It was fun - those girls are precious. Obviously, I forgot to take a picture while they were here. 

I'm actually eating this right now. It's delicious! I really should've snapped the photo before I mixed it all up though - looks kinda gross like this. Oh well. 

I still haven't watched the SYTYCD finale... I've done a good job of avoiding the results so far! I think I'm going to go watch it now. G'night, friends. 

Friday, August 12, 2011


WHAT A FUN DAY!! We went to Wave Country with the MacD's, followed by our favorite burger joint, Gabby's! Seriously delicious. Isn't this picture of them at Gabby's adorable?

I was afraid that I would get burnt to a crisp out there today. But I didn't! I had so much fun, got lotsa freckles, and really enjoyed lazing around in the Wave Pool with our good friends. It'd been a while since we've been able to hang out just us and them, and it was refreshing to get one-on-one time with 'em. :D

On the way home, Josh dropped me off at Starbucks to meet my JEN FRIEND ♥ she and I drove around for a few hours and talked about... everything... it was wonderful. Good girl time like that does my heart good, I'll tell you... And I got to see TWO good girl friends today! What a win. 

Now I'm exhausted from all that sun. Excuse me while I collapse into bed right now... 

OH! I almost forgot! Josh finished up the new Blimey Cow video today: Batman vs. The Impostor!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Blimey Cow Rises.

Doesn't Josh look legit?! Thanks Amy for letting me use your camera tonight :) 

Sarah came over to help with a new Bllimey Cow! It was hilarious. I was laughing so hard at one point I started crying. I think you guys will like it! I'll post it here when it's up (obvs). 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Since our living room switch-up, (which brought the record player from the "Grumpy Neighbor's side" to the "Nice Neighbor's side") we've been able to enjoy our record player a lot more. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that "nice neighbor's" unit is lower, so that our floors aren't flush, and we were able to put the speakers on top of a bookshelf. On Grumpy's side, we only had room for them on the floor, which unfortunately carried the bass through the wall a little too well. And that's why she became Grumpy Neighbor in the first place. :/ We stopped listening to the record player after she got mad at us (we tried to adjust the levels but nothing really worked). But now we can use it anytime, and we've really enjoyed it! Currently listing to Twothirtyeight - love his voice.

Jordan didn't race this evening, so I've got nothing to report in the cycling department. SYTYCD was pretty good! Not as spectacular as I was hoping. Why would you have them do the disco on the performance finale... Just wondering. But I still love Melanie and Marko, and Sasha has stolen my heart as well over the past few weeks. Tadd's very talented, but he hasn't grabbed me like the other three have. I'll be pleased no matter who wins! But I think Melanie's got this one in the bag.... 

TWOTWOTWO g'night. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Happy Birthday to my youngest brother Joshie! He turned 20 today. I can't believe it. He's so grown up! We went over this evening to hang out with him - took him some doughnuts and some of his favorite candy :) It was a good time! Dinner and a movie, followed but some Halo. And Joshie showed us some cool Youtube vids. I was tired, but I enjoyed getting to see him today! 

Also, this happened:

Monday, August 8, 2011


Second day in a row that I get to be in/didn't have to take the daily picture (Thanks, Uncle Melvin!) And I look like a goober. Josh is making fun of me right now. I WAS LAUGHING, OK?!

Katie and Hannah came over tonight for dinner and video games, YAY! We were going to break in Dance Central after a little New Super Mario Brothers, but NSMB was so fun that it ate up the whole evening. Which is totally fine by me! It means they'll have to come back over soon so we can Dance. :) I love those girls; I'm so glad that I married into the unofficial family.

My health is improving slowly but surely. There are a lot of really long rituals involved with getting well.. They take up a bunch of time. But they're paying off! I'm already feeling much better. And Josh says he can tell a difference in my appearance as well, which is really encouraging! Like, REALLY encouraging. We're getting there, thank the Lord! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Thanks to the sweet stranger lady outside of Cheddar's for taking our picture this afternoon :D Today was Joshie's last Sunday lunch before he goes back to school. He turns twenty on Tuesday! I can't believe it... He's the last of the Feener teenagers! SO WEIRD. 

Now we're at the Taylor's and Josh is trying to get Jordan and Amy to make a video... they're having trouble coming up with a premise though. Listening to them brainstorm has been pretty funny - they get so into it. So loud. But it hasn't been fruitful so far, unfortunately. But keep your eye out for a new one soon! If they ever figure out what to do...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Bleh. I wish I were healthy. It's not like I don't work really hard to be healthy! I'm tired of getting sick for little to no reason. Now, I know that if I were eating and living as well as I should, I'd be ok - everything would be pretty much balanced. But the frustrating thing is that everything I'm doing isn't enough. It just feels hopeless sometimes. Shrug. 

But thank God for grace, for a husband who takes care of me (and doesn't get impatient when I'm not feeling well), and for the healing he's already done in my body. All these blessings... why do I feel hopeless? I'm not alone. I'm well taken care of. God is not only healing my body, He's teaching me trust and discipline and many, many other important lessons. Thank God for His grace and his gentle reminders in the moments I feel hopeless!


Check out my two new nail polish colors! I got 'em the other day when I went shopping :) (Btw, that bruise underneath the last two toes on my left foot is the leftovers from the big foot ordeal [described here]. I don't think I ever put a picture of that up... Bummer! Y'all would be amazed.)

We went to the Taylor's tonight to hang out with them, the Bonhams, and Madeline. I didn't have my camera because we didn't know we were going til we were already out... Ohwells. They put up a swing in the backyard! Can't wait to try it when it's light outside... I was too sleepy to try a night ride on the thing. But they assured me it was awesome. Always good times with those people! Even when I'm out of it :) Gonna go remedy that now. G'night!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


THAT'S RIGHT. It's me. I've taken this blog hostage for day 216. We haven't been eating as carefully as we should the past couple of weeks. Kelli's veggie/fruit juicing has been going great, but we've been taking many liberties. Anyways, all that to say, she isn't feeling great. She isn't sick or anything. It's just one of those "I have to take it easy" kind of days.

Learning what to eat and what not to eat, and what herbal remedies really aid in her health, and which ones are just a nice compliment... it's all really confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes you just kind of wish everything could be spelled out, because if we knew exactly what to do to make her better, regardless of how hard it was, we'd do it in a heartbeat, if we were sure it'd work. It's just the uncertainty and randomness of the whole thing sometimes. It's just confusing. But we are still just trying our best, and waiting on the Good Lord. He has been very faithful to us, and we know He will continue to be.

Dad and I have had a ton of work lately. Yesterday and today, I have been working on a really complicated patent drawing that I'm doing based off of a hand sketch. Hand sketches are the worst. There's no possible way to know what they're really trying to show unless you've been doing patents for years and years and years. So, anyways, that was literally my entire day.

Oh'p, except for this morning. I went and voted in the Davidson Country election. I almost got in trouble once I got in there because I had a Ron Paul hat on (they made me quickly hide it underneath my shirt, haha. Aren't insanely generalized laws so smart?), and then I messed up my form and they had to go talk to someone about it because I couldn't just start a new form. But whatever, eventually I got to vote.

But yep, other than that, just worked on that hand sketch all day. Kelli played through like half of Portal 2. That's an absolutely amazing game. Highly recommended whether you like to play video games or not. So engaging, and once you start, it's hard to put it down.

Jordan, Amy, and I made a video yesterday called "Pudding Cookies" if you want to watch it. It feels good to make videos from time to time. And it looks like my siblings and I are finally ready to get back into the swing of it with less than a month until school starts back up for them. Oh well. We'll have fun while we can.

That's about it FOOS. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In 10th, 11th, and 12th grade, my English teacher's name was Mrs. Chaffin. She was wonderful.. I saw her as more of a mentor than a teacher - I remember our senior year that she had us keep journals to practice "Free Writing" And she'd read them and write little notes in the margins... This woman knows a lot of my 12th grade secrets! I learned great lessons through some of her margin notes. It always meant a lot to me that she cared enough to give her advice and share her thoughts with me! 

So when my mom came over with a package from the Chaffin family, I was excited. I opened it, and this engraved Bible was inside - a gift for our one year anniversary. How sweet is that? I was sincerely touched, and Josh and I are thrilled to have a "family Bible" - we've just been using our old ones from before.

So thank you, Mrs. Chaffin! You'll always be my favorite teacher of all time. Thank you for always caring so much. Kisses and blessings to your sweet family!

Also of note: Jordan, Amy, and Josh made a short video today IT'S FUNNY. Josh is editing it right now... It should be up sometime tomorrow. Keep an eye out for that!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


MY SWEET HUSBAND treated me like a princess all day! I slept late, so by the time I woke up, he'd done everything on my cleaning list. He made me breakfast. He handed me a beautiful note he'd written that made me cry, it was so sweet. And he said, "I know you need some new clothes that fit you, so here's some money. Go find some clothes that make you feel pretty!" All summer, I've been working with one pair of denim shorts (that are kinda big on me) and a few pair of running shorts (that I mostly use for sleeping). 

I didn't get any pictures of the clothes I bought today. (When I lamented that I should have taken my camera to the store, Josh took today's picture for me. What a guy!) The trip was definitely a success, though: I found two denim shorts that actually fit, and some sweatshorts that are comfortable enough to bum around in and modest/cute enough to go out in public wearing. They also had tank tops on sale at five bucks a pop, and you know i picked up three of them. Also found a cute short-sleeved cardigan. So. pretty cool. I had a good time, and I felt very pretty when I came home and held the customary post-shopping fashion show for Josh :D 

Josh takes such good care of me. I'm spoiled, I tell ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I promised Jordan that today's blog would be about him. Here are some facts about Jordan:
  • Jordan loves to play the game "Old Maid." (I think he discovered it tonight) These guys played for literally hours. They were still playing when we left!
  • Jordan is the most wonderful brother-in-law that I've ever had. The funniest, too. And the onliest. So I guess he's the worst, too...
  • Jordan has band aids all over his arms and legs because of his crash. The other day, we joked that one of them looked like a nicotine patch. Judged. Anyway, Benge and Sarah are such great friends that they signed his band aid for him. Isn't it adorab-I mean TOTALLY MANLY, ARGH: 

"Get Well Soon -Sarah Bonham" and "You Fell! Lol" (that was Benge)

  • Jordan is single, and so ready to mingle.