Monday, July 18, 2011


Tonight we hung out with the Jordan, Amy, and their new best friends, the Legendary Bonhams! Sarah and John are really fun. Lots of laughter this evening. I really enjoyed it. :D We played Loaded Questions, and Sarah beat me by three! But John came in honorary second for being awesome and getting all the questions right on his last round. It was a good time! 

So, remember this CD-filled shelf that sat up against our long wall, next to our too-small table of games? We got tired of accidentally knocking those games over. And who uses CDs anymore anyway? So we pulled this shelf out of our bedroom (it wasn't really getting used up there) and loaded it up with our books, Josh's records, my camera stuff (neatly tucked away in that bright pink basket), and our games. I get a kick out of the blue and white piggy bank's face. It's so happy to be a piggy bank. :p The whole transformation actually came about because we wanted to move our record player to a place it would get used more. This area is right by Josh's desk, so now he can listen to whatever during his work day, and having the shelves there to store the records and speakers just made sense. 

We also brought our hope chest downstairs to hold the record player and Josh's printer (which freed up some much-needed space on his desk). We love the new set up! Much less cluttered and way more functional.  I'd like to find a way to hide or camouflage those cords hanging out behind the lamp, and obviously that wall above the hope chest needs some art, but I've got a couple ideas to spruce up the area. Just waiting for canvases and paint to go on sale at Hobby Lobby. I'm excited! 

I also got to "rescue" my brother Joshie when he got a flat near our house this afternoon. He was having a rough day, but it was really nice to get to talk to him while I drove him to where he needed to be. He's a good kid. 

Not a bad day! 

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