Sunday, July 17, 2011


Soup & Salad lunch at Olive Garden with my family was so good. Everyone has been sick recently, so today was the first day in almost a month that we all got to hang out! :D You can't tell by my brother Joshie's face, but we really were having a great time - ha ha. 

Now Joshie is over for dinner, conversation, and Halo :) Oh my gosh, he just locked Josh on the back porch as I typed that, ahahahahaha. Funny. Those two are quite the pair when they get together. Anyway,  it was cool to get to hang out with him a little and hear about what's going on in his life!

Husband Josh finished editing and uploaded the video we worked on the other day: Healthy Kid Freak Out 2 this morning! Watching Josh drink a pulverized bloomin' onion = worth it. Check it outttttt. 

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