Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today was a rough day. Lots of pain, tears, and talking about fears. Josh has been so sweet, holding me while I cried, fixing my food and bringing it to me, running errands on his own, helping me walk around when I needed to get up... He's so good at taking care of me. I know it's not the most enjoyable thing, taking care of me when I'm ill, haha, but he does it without a complaint. And with lots of sweet kisses!  Please pray with us for my health, and for wisdom in our pursuit of total health! Thank you.


I love these guys!

Happy Memorial Day! In leiu of game night, we grilled out at the Taylors. None of the regulars got to come but Steven, David, Alex, and Seth came!!!! ♥ We hadn't seen Seth since his birthday in the middle of March, so it was really good to see him before he leaves for Michigan. And it's been a long time since we've hung out with Steven or David, either, so it was just a great evening to see old friends! I'm excited that Steven and David are going to be around this summer - we'll have to have regular bowling and/or Halo hang-outs with those guys. They're fun. :)

So, I gotta say that Mr. Ray makes the best burgers (and salmon burgers). And Amy let me taste her latest creation - It's like a cross between a key lime pie and a cheesecake. Holy cow, it was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted! Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.  Amy, I'm in awe of your skillz. Obviously, culinary genius runs in the family! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I finally got to give my momma her birthday present! I'm proud of this mug. It took me almost five hours total (in two sittings), and I'm so so pleased with how it turned out. Definitely worth the time! She loved it :) Here's another angle: 

Annnd now I wanna go back to Fired Up again, hahaha. Anybody wanna take me? ;) I swear, if I worked there, they could pay me in pieces to paint :p I figured out the other day why I like it so much - because I'm creative, I like perfecting the details, and I enjoy working with my hands, but I'm SO not a planner.. I get overwhelmed when I'm inside art stores because I don't know what I want to do. I like to already have everything in front of me when I decide what I'm going to do, haha. Anyway - just a little tidbit about me!

Lunch with my family today was a lot of fun :) Full of laughter and planning and plain ol' catching up :) We ate at the Greek place we like, and Hannah got to come! It would've been the first time everyone got to come, except that my husband didn't get to come :( Josh told his brother he'd be at his bike race today. Apparently, it was a treacherous track - Jordan's coach roughed up his arm pretty bad on a rock and another guy broke his collarbone! :/ But Jordan got 14th overall :) Good job, Jordan!

So now Josh and I are hanging out at home - today is our 9 month anniversary! :D We celebrated with a delicious dinner, and we're gonna hang out the rest of the evening. I love my husband! He makes me so happy :D :D :D Now he's playing "Hack This Game" on the X-Box and it's crrrazy hard! We're having fun trying to figure out all the different codes :) And we've got big plans to play some Halo when I'm done with my blog... Maybe cuddle on the couch and watch some Chuck too, who knows! We're just having fun hanging out together ♥ See y'all tomorrow!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Katie's birthday party was this evening, so we went over there and hung out for a while. It was a lot of fun seeing old friends! :) Katie's growing up into a beautiful young woman! The Willis family produces the most adorable offspring - this is Caleb :) He and is twin Jack were so cute, pushing their way around the room! I hope our kids are that cute ;)

Annnd we just got home from the Taylor's house (fun times!) and I'm so tired. I'm gonna go to bed now.

Oh! But before I go, I got my mug back from Fired Up today :D :D :D I love it. My latest creations always end up being my favorite, but I'm especially proud of this one! It took me a long time and it looks really cool :) I'll post a picture tomorrow after I've (fiiiiiinally) given it to my mom for her birthday (shh don't tell her!) 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Barry leaves with the Army for Canada on Sunday, and he'll be gone two weeks. We wanted to see him before he left - so Josh, Jordan, and Barry played tennis this afternoon while Emily and I hung out at their house. We watched Gilmore Girls and we browsed Pinterest/talked decorating :) It was fun! Josh and Jordan decided to be goofy for the first picture :P And Emily and Barry decided to be cute for the second one! Cue the collective "awwww:" 

Aren't they adorable? Poor Emily has to be home alone for two weeks :( I think she'll make it, but I'm still sad for her, haha. Oh, and Barry too, I guess :p

Thursday, May 26, 2011


My husband is so sweet. He takes such good care of me! I wasn't feeling well today, so he made all my meals and let me lay around like a bum all day. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter man to share my life with - even on my "blegh" days! ♥ I love you, Josh!

P.S. While I was bumming around, I gave my blog a little facelift. I wanted to revamp it without changing the basic scheme too much. I like it! I hope y'all like it too. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Everyone except Amy had food in their mouth when I snapped this. Bethany does a good job of disguising it, but you can totally tell with David and Josh. Mayyybe I should have given them a minute to swallow their food, then snapped another shot, but I like it the way it is. I think it's cute.

As you can see from today's picture, David and Bethany joined us this evening for Jordan's race! Jordan did well - it was kind of a frustrating race since there was an early breakaway, it was really windy, and his tire was freaking flat. With all that, he placed seventh! (Which makes him third overall this summer!) When we found out that his back tire was at 25psi instead of the like 150psi it's supposed to be (at least I think those numbers are right), I was really impressed. He had to work extra hard, and he was still near the front of the pack. So impressed.

Here's Jordan right after he'd crossed:

I think that smile means, "That was a rough race," haha.

After the race, Bethany and David came over for a little while to hang out. It was FUN! They couldn't stay too late because of the impending weather, but I thoroughly enjoyed having them over. Talking to them about their upcoming wedding made Josh and I nostalgic for the months before our own wedding... Good times. They're such a fun couple, and so sweet together! I think they're gonna do great. ;)

Dude I'm going to bed. Yesterday's bought with Insanity killed my back and legs... G'night!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My little brother Joshie made this sign for mom and put it at the top of the stairs for her to find :)

Today is my momma's birthday! :D Originally, we thought she had to work until close, so we made plans for a date night this evening and a "surprise Mom with gifts on her day off" date tomorrow. But apparently she only worked til 4, and the family was celebrating with dinner and a movie! So we compromised - we kept our dinner date at Outback (gift cards ftw!) and after our date, we went over for a movie with them. It was nice to hang out with them :) We watched "Life as We Know It" (which was pretty cute - better than I expected!) and a classic episode of Monk. Good times :) So happy birthday, Momma! I love you so much!

Our date at Outback was desmishous. DESMISHOUS. But Josh and I agreed that we are not appetizer people, haha. The Bloomin' Onion was awesome and we almost finished the whole thing, which was a problem by the time our food came around. We were both almost full by the time his burger and my tilapia came out. But we had a great time! I love my Josh. He makes me feel so special, and he makes me laugh easier than anyone else <3 Best Friends Forever!

And I guess I'm working backwards here.. so before our date, Josh spent the afternoon with the Powells - they had a lot of fun and made a few videos! I'll post them here when they're up (if I can). While he was gone, I watched a lot of Law & Order: Criminal Intent while I did some chores. It's my guilty pleasure...  Since I discovered that it's on Netflix to Watch Instantly, I've been watching an outrageous amount of it :p Josh hates them, says they're all the same - and I know he's kinda right, haha. But I'm such a sucker for the Sherlock/Watson-esque dynamic between the eccentric Goren and the matter-of-fact Eames. Love it. And apparently Relient K does too - Josh found this video this morning! I'll admit, I giggled a little (like a dork) when he showed it to me :P

I also tried to do the Insanity Fit Test this afternoon - ha! Tried being the operative word there. I barely made it halfway through. But it sure felt good to get my blood pumping.

Well'p, those are the highlights! Happy birthday to my sweet Mom! I'm excited about visiting her on her day off tomorrow and getting to love on her a little more.

Monday, May 23, 2011


There was no 'game night' tonight because Josh's Pop-pop is leaving tomorrow and we wanted to see him one last time. So we went over to the Taylor's for dinner! Pop-pop isn't a man of too many words, but he's always been so sweet and treats me like family already. You know that saying, "You don't just marry the guy, you marry the whole family?" Well, that turned out to be a blessing for me. ♥ It was good to give him a big hug before he goes on his way to Ohio!

The boys played ping pong for a long time - they supposedly had a hilarious 20 minute discussion about the rules of serving, and I should be so bummed that I missed it... Josh just told me the whole story. It seemed like a "you had to be there" thing, and I wasn't even there, so I don't think it'll translate haha. But I am glad that they had fun!

Amy made this really yummy and rich Lemon Merengue Pie that I could actually eat because she used almond milk and stevia, and it was seriously delicious. It wasn't super sweet, but that's ok, you know? Not all desserts have to be. She kept saying she wasn't happy with the way it turned out, but I thought it was wonderful. Amy is a talented baker. Everything she makes is scrumptious! (Does anyone else think of the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang every single time they hear the word scrumptious? No? Just me? Ok.)

Now that I have the Truly Scrumptious song stuck in my head, I'm gonna go to bed.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


What a wonderfully lazy day! I love this picture of Josh's eyes. His traditional Halo seat is right in front of the big window = great lighting. Especially for his dreamy eyes.. ♥  


I locked myself out of the house while Josh was out on a bike ride. Thankfully, he was riding to my parents' house and they have a key to our house! And thankfully he had just arrived at my family's house! And thankfully I had my camera to entertain myself while I waited for him to come rescue me, haha. I was in the middle of trying to take a "sad that I'm locked out of the house" self portrait, juuuust as Josh pulled up in my mom's van - and the camera caught the smile I greeted him with. So. Pretty cool.

The reason we were going to my family's is because they had a Garage Sale this morning.. so we went over to help them with clean-up and to hang out a little :) We ended up packing most of the stuff away and hauling it to Goodwill, but they did sell a few of the big-ticket items, so that was cool! :)

These little circles were all over the fence! They reminded me of tattoos. 
After Feener time, we went to the MacDonald's house and had a delicious stir-fry dinner. Seriously, it was so good... Followed up by a trip to the park for some tennis. It got a little heated:

And that heat carried over into the two-and-a-half-hour game of Phase 10 - which Barry won, btw, against all odds. But that's the reason this post is late! We hung out over there for a long time. Oh, and Emily and I learned an important lesson in the art of making peanut butter fudge, haha. Look up the terms from the recipe that you don't understand, instead of assuming they mean what they sound like they mean :P It was a great evening - we had so much fun! And now we're both exhausted so G'NIGHT SUCKAS.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Ignore that tall green thing. That's what we're doing for now.
(First I typed, "Ignore the weed," then I realized that seemed a little... off. Ha!)

This is our front "porch." That bicycle welcome mat is new! I love it. The doormat that's keeping the oil can company is our old one - it says "Live Laugh Love." I like that one too, so I'm thinking I'll put it on the back porch. Or maybe at the foot of the stairs leading up to this front porch... But I can't decide if that's too weird or not. *Shrug* for now, it's helping the little slab look less boring. I have big plans that include an old hope chest and a can of spray paint (and putting that crazy-yellow jug INSIDE the previously mentioned hope chest). And maybe a new wreath... Our baby birdies are gone, but they left their filthy nest on my door, and I'd like for my guests to experience a more "fresh" first impression ha ha. Here's a closer picture of the door mat to help you understand why I'm so charmed by the thing:

My brother is going to accuse me of being a *bleeping* hipster
again when he sees this :p

I went to Fired Up this afternoon to put the finishing touches on the piece I started on Wednesday. It took me almost three hours, haha. That's a total of five hours on this one mug - those little details take a long time! But they're worth it, and I know that the birthday girl will love it. I say this every every time, but I really can't wait to see it after it's been fired! Can't wait to share a picture of it with you guys :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bleach played tonight at the new Rocketown! IT WAS REALLY GOOD. I didn't take my nice camera because Rocketown used to be pretty strict about that.. I could've taken it and gotten some better shots, but I'm ok with the ones I got. Turns out my old point-and-shoot is better than I thought, I just didn't know how to use it. *Shrug* 

The show was awesome. It was super loud, but some makeshift napkins-as-earplugs helped us girlies (the guys toughed it out). Bleach was fun and personal, and they played a bunch of great stuff.. it was good. Josh was thrilled the whole time. And I'm pretty sure he's said, "That was the best show I've been to in a long time," at least four times already, haha. We missed most of the first band, but The Honeymoon Thrillers were great too (if not seriously bone-shakingly too loud). But yeah Bleach was definitely the highlight of the evening!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This evening I went to Fired Up with Amy and Liz :D :D I had so much fun! They're both so sweet and funny. And I just really like hanging out with them. I can't post pictures of Liz's or my beautiful creations, since they'll both be gifts... So only Amy's cute mug is pictured (which I love!) Those little flowers are awesome. They closed before I was done painting, so I have to go back tomorrow to finish mine. But it'll be worth the second visit so it's perfect for the person I'm giving it to. :) I'm excited. I'm always excited about Fired Up, haha. Seriously, guys, if you haven't been yet, go! I'll go with you! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Here is today's picture - I took this towards the end of dusk, using a long exposure. I'm pleased with the level of detail in it :)

Today, Josh finished editing the Halo movie that he and some friends filmed on Saturday... it's pretty awesome. Go watch it!

Monday, May 16, 2011


This picture requires a little explaining... Barry rigged together this contraption that helps in his parachute rigging somehow... I'm not gonna try to explain the technicalities. But it can handle something like 100 pounds of pressure, so throughout the night, the boys were looking for things to put in that loop and crush (or slice, in this apple's case). Pretty funny.

Game Night was much larger than normal! Besides our regulars - Barry and Emily, Jordan, Amy, and Jen - we had special guests Jared, Benge, Christian, Liz, and then Chelsea and Laura showed up with Jen later. It was fun! WE PLAYED TABOO ♥ I love that game.

Isn't this picture of Amy and Liz so cute? They're both so pretty. And this is the second adorable picture of Amy in a row... Paying attention, boys? ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Aren't these pictures of Amy and little Ella ADORABLE?! Ella just fell asleep like that in Amy's arms = The cutest thing I've ever seen. 

This evening, we watched the Survivor finale with the Josh's family and the Musgroves. It was awesome! I can't say it was a shocker, but it was definitely entertaining. Josh and I were happy about Boston Rob's great win... We've been big BR fans since the beginning, and he played a heck of a game! I think he deserved it. I wish Matt would've gotten Fan Favorite over Rob, though. *Shrug* OH WELL. I'm happy for Rob and 'Ambuh.' Also it was really fun because Josh called the whole episode days ago. Right after we watched Wednesday's episode, he predicted exactly what happened hahaha. He's so smart. 

Josh keeps looking over to see how far along I am in this post, haha. He's exhausted and beyond ready to go to bed (yesterday was the first day of the second and more intense month of his Insanity workouts - the man's a trooper). So I'm gonna go so he can get some much needed rest. G'night, faithful few. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Josh filmed a video with some of his friends today - "Halo Wars." He showed me some of the footage and it looks awe.some.for.real. Seriously legit. I can't wait to see the finished product! I stayed home and did some photo/computer organization... feels good to have that done.

This evening is a date night! Josh took me to O'Charley's (they have the yummiest fish&chips) and we're gonna end the evening up with a movie. So I'm gonna go do that!

P.S. Here is the video they filmed!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Josh and I like to write sweet notes for each other to find :)

Today was a day of "Going To's."

I was going to wake up early and get some chores done, but the thunderstorm last night woke me up a few times, which didn't help my sleep quality. One time it was so loud that the house shook and the smoke detector went off! In my groggy and startled-outta-my-wits state, I stumbled around the house, checking all the rooms and looking out the windows to see if maybe there was a fire (which was silly of me - the smoke detector only beeped like three times and then shut off. I have no idea why it beeped). So instead of getting up and being productive, I slept in way late, and left the chores for another day. Haha.

We were going to hang out with Alex and Seth this afternoon at the Adventure Science Center, but Seth wasn't feeling well :( So we had to postpone the trip. I hope that you feel better, Seth! So instead of hanging out with them, we watched Friday Night Lights. Two episodes to go!

Josh was going to DJ Michelle Kurras's graduation party this evening, but it was canceled due to the rain. :/ So instead of going out there, we went to LCA's graduation. It was short and sweet, which is something EVERY graduation should strive for, haha. It was good :) Congratulations, all you Grads. Enjoy it!

Now we're going to watch another episode of Friday Night Lights before we go to bed. And we're actually going to do that. G'night, blizzog!


Yesterday's post is up late! And it's not my fault. Blogger was down almost all day yesterday.. it was still down this morning too! Not gonna lie, it felt strange going to bed without having fulfilled my daily blogging duties. I can't decide if that's good or if it's pathetic.

So yesterday's main event was that Josh's Pop Pop is in town! He arrived last evening :)  Also, Leeland loves riding in the big van - I like how this picture turned out.  See you guys again in a few hours ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The tenacious face of Victory.
Today was the first race of the summer Criteria races, AND Jordan's first Category 4 race ever.. and JORDAN WON! He raced soo well. He's learned a lot during his time on the Cumberland team (since last summer's races), and even us non-cyclists could tell a difference in his racing. Early in the race, Josh commented that Jordan seemed more professional. It was so good! Jordan's been saying for the past few days, "I'm gonna win this one, I can feel it. I'm gonna win," and I was kind of afraid he might be getting his hopes up too high for his first cat4 race... but he did it! He knew he could do it and he did so well.

I couldn't get a clear view of the finish line, but this is Jordan right after he crossed:

The silly face of Victory.
He was shaking his head back and forth with this open-mouthed grin on his face, in what looked like a mixture of, "I can't believe I did that," and "I knew I could do that." I wish I would've captured it on video.

So he got to stand in the #1 spot on the podium, and he got a $20 prize, and he gets to hold onto that Champion Belt until the next Criteria Race (which would normally be in one week, but this time it's two).  Here's Jordan's glamour shot (practicing for when he's a celebrity):

The James-Franco face of Victory. 
We're all so proud of you, Jordan! WHATABEAST.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today, Jordan biked from his house to ours - like 11 miles. After a brief rest, he and Josh hit the bikes again and went to Mt. Juliet and back......... they're crazy. That was like a 14 mile trip. While they were gone, I watched some Boy Meets World (Because Josh watches it without me in the mornings before I wake up, can you believe that?). When they got back, I made them some lunch, but Jordan didn't hang around too much before he left for home.. another 11 mile ride... What's crazy is that 37 miles in one day is easy peasy to Jordan. IN. SANE. I'm excited about his bike race tomorrow night though! :D

Josh's legs were (still are) sore after the hill-y ride, so he didn't do Insanity. And we spent the rest of the day watching Friday Night Lights. We're so close to the end of the series it's killing me. Thankfully it's getting more interesting as things are starting to wrap up.. for a while there it was so boring we almost gave up. But we pressed on, with the knowledge that it'll be over soon. And yeah. I'm sure you're all really glad you know that about us now haha.

Yep, I don't have anything else to say. G'night, friends :)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Game Night! Instead of having it over at our house tonight, everyone went to Josh's family's to hang out. (Since the Grizzlies are in the playoffs... Jordan's a big Grizzlies fan, and Josh and I don't have ESPN or whatever). We played Loaded Questions and Benge won! It's been a nice and chill evening.

Since we're still all over here, I'm gonna keep this short so I can go back out there and join the people. G'night!


Happy Mother's Day! This year, I have TWO moms to celebrate!

For lunch, we went to my family's and enjoyed yhummy grilled salmon and lots of veggie sides for lunch. It was awesome because I could eat anything on the table! That doesn't happen for me, like, ever. We had such a great time honoring my sweet Momma. She's one of my very best friends, and it was fun to hang out with her today. We watched The Blind Side while we cuddled under the blankets. :) She looks so cute with her tulips! I love this picture of her.

Then this evening, we went over to the Taylor's to celebrate my new mom :) Momma Laurie got the night off from cooking, and everyone ate a Papa Murphy's Pizza (while I enjoyed a yummy spinach alfredo pretzel). Last weekend at Fired Up, I painted a coffee mug for my mom-in-law, and I got to give that to her today. I think she really liked it, since she immediately filled it with coffee and exclaimed, "it's the perfect size!" :D Here's a super cute pic of her with her mug:

Josh and Jordan went to play a little late night tennis with the MacD's since Scott is leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I was going to go too, but I'm kinda worn out (and I wore shorts and a tank top today - would've been freezing!). Sorry for ditching you, Emily! :/ But Josh said they had a lot of fun :)

So Happy Mother's Day to my Momma and to my Momma Laurie :D (And to all the other sweet moms out there - you ladies deserve to be honored!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I hung out with a bunch of cool people this evening! Hannah's birthday is tomorrow, and Jessica's birthday was Thursday, so we all went to Fulin's to celebrate :) But I accidentally left my camera in the car, which was on the other side of Providence. When I realized that I didn't have it, Josh told me to relax and enjoy myself, haha: "Pretend it's 2012. There is no blog." So THAT's why I don't have a cool picture of all of us at Fulin's.

So this picture is something I snapped earlier today, when I was reading a photo blog and I wanted to play wit my camera's settings a little. And I had a little fun with it in Lightroom while I'm waiting for my potatoes to boil - I'm making garlic mashed red potatoes for Mother's Day lunch with the Feeners. I kept putting it off because I didn't want to do it haha. But now I'm letting the potatoes and garlic boil, and it smells delicious!

I've reached a point in this year and this blog where it's not something I look forward to doing as much anymore. It's like. A thing. I'm tired of it. I feel like only a few people read it, and I feel like my pictures are getting boring because I'm unmotivated. But I will press on! Because I want to be able to look back at the end of the year and be proud of myself for not missing a day. And I know it'll be awesome to have like twenty years from now or something haha. *Shrug*

Oh'p the potatoes are done. Gotta go mash 'em :)

P.S. Josh updated his Taylorville blog for the first time in months! Check out his latest post: "Take Heart! Everyone Else is as Stupid as You."

Friday, May 6, 2011


Isn't Abby so pretty?? And such style, too. I've never seen that girl look frumpy or ratty. So pretty.

This afternoon, we went to lunch at Gabby's with Emily and Barry, Scott, and Jen. It was delicious, as always! Afterward, Josh helped Cottage Cove move some freaking huge desks to a school down the road... I mean seriously. Those desks were so big, we joked about putting a mattress on top and calling it a bed. They could only move one at a time! So that took a couple hours, and while the men handled the heavies, us girls hung around at the Cove and chatted :) I was kind of out of it, but I enjoyed myself. I love those girls.

Then this evening, Abby came over! It's always sooo good to catch up with my Abby-friend. We left Josh to hang out at Starbucks, where we ran into none other than Jen, Scott, Chelsea, and Laura! Ha! It was funny. Eventually, Abby and I came back to our house. And Josh is playing Halo with a few of the guys.. always entertaining :P

So yeah. I'm glad that Abby and I have remained close friends throughout the years. I'm thankful for her friendship, and her wisdom, and her great listening skills. I always know that no matter how long it's been since we last caught up, it won't be uncomfortable or awkward.. but rather refreshing and fun! *shrug* I just love you Abby!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


We're playing Monopoly tonight at the Taylor's! I'm out of the game - I was tired and I wanted to work on my blog, so I donated my properties back to auction, and divvied up the rest of my money among my friends (according to my wishes laid out in my Monopoly Last Will and Testament) Jen has been running the board since the beginning, Jordan's been freaking out (I'm pretty sure he's threatened to break the board at least five times tonight), Amy's been laughing at everyone else, and Josh has been shaking his head at how foolish everyone else's deals have been (even though it looks like he's about to go out - he's got like seventy bucks left haha) Oh'p. Jordan is threatening to flip the board. I think he might actually do it. Jen talked him down. hahaha. That was hilarious.

I didn't sleep very well or very much last night. So if I don't make any sense... that's the reason.

AMY MADE HOMEMADE JALAPENO POPPERS. I don't like Jalapenos, but everyone else said they were delicious. My eyes were watering just from the steam. Or smell. Or something. I don't know. But I watched her make them and I was super impressed! Amy's a little homemaker! :D AND she took this picture too! :D

Hahahaha. Jordan just yelled, "I'm DONE. I QUIT." and walked out. Josh is laughing so hard he's crying. This is hilarious. I think they've decided that Jen won! That was quite a game.

Ok one last thing: a friend of mine shared an article about introverts, and it totally clicked with me, so I wanted to share it here :) It's actually about the ways extroverts can can help / better understand introverts. I'd recommend it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Gasoline Heart show tonight was awesome.
It was fun to hang out with the MacD's - and to see Scott!
The lead singer, Louis Defabrizio, looks like a cross between the two Mythbusters guys. 
I'm pleased with this photo. :)
I may add a couple more pictures to this post tomorrow... I'm too tired to mess with it right now.
I fear that my poor computer is on it's last leg. :(
Yeah, I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We went to the Musgrove's tonight! :D We ♥ the Musgroves. Caiden ran around serenading us with his harmonica for the first half of our hang out. I love Caiden! After dinner, we watched the old cartoon The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf annnnnnnd it was awesome. Growing up, we had the soundtrck on a record and my brothers and I would run around the house yell-singing, "WHO'S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF? THE BIG BAD WOLF? THE BIG BAD WOLF?" (Looking back, I can't believe how much my mom put up with, haha. She surely allowed us to be as rambunctious and energetic as we could.) So anyway, it was a really nice blast from the past to sit down and watch those cartoons. Loved it! We finished up the evening with a bout of Mario Kart, followed by the customary Just Dance 2 session. Good times! Those girls are beast at JD2.

I know I keep talking about not having any energy because I'm trying to get back into eating right again, but duuuuuuuude. Seriously, I thought I'd have a little more pep in my step by now. I know I'm not getting enough iron, too... and that sure isn't helping. SO LETHARGIC.

Blog is done. Now for sleep. G'night, peeps.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Josh took this. (I mean-obviously.) Am I a total cheater for letting him do this every once in a while? I wasn't sure what to shoot, so he grabbed the camera and took this for me. His explanation: "I looked around the room and took a picture of the prettiest thing I saw." D'awww.

We were going to have a game night tonight, but this afternoon we decided that we needed a chill night. Josh hadn't had a day off in a while, and this morning it looked like he would get all day off  (he ended up needing to do a few drawings - but it worked out since we canceled game night = he didn't have to stress to get it done). So yeah, today was just chill. I got some laundry done, exercised with Josh a little during his Insanity workout, and we ate popcorn shrimp for dinner! Good day.

OH yeah, funny story - so about a month ago, Josh bought Insanity on eBay, but shortly after, he got an email from eBay saying they thought it was a scam. So Josh emailed the seller, telling them if he didn't have confirmation of shipping in 48 hours, he'd report it as fraudulent... No reply = we got our money back and Josh bought Insanity elsewhere. Fast-forward to today, and we've pretty much forgotten about it. Well, this evening, USPS came by with a package for Josh from China, and it was Insanity from the original eBay deal hahaha. AND it's the Deluxe edition. So now we have two sets! I think he's gonna put it up on eBay to make some money :P Puh-retty funny.

The end.


Alex turns 21 on Tuesday!! We celebrated with lunch at our favorite Greek Cuisine restaurant. We had such a fun time! These pictures crack me up.

I should edit this one and the next one, but it's past midnight and i'm tired. Deal with the overexposure. 

I'm so proud of my Alex. He's growing up! He's still the smartest kid I know, and I'm excited to watch him continue to grow over the years. I'm glad you're my brother, Alex! ♥

I love my family and it's always so refreshing to get to hang out with them! And I enjoyed celebrating Alex today. He's a good kid. :D

And now, the reason it took me almost two hours since the time I sat down to post my blog, to actually doing it. When I got on facebook, I learned of the news:

Wow, so the search for Osama Bin Laden is over. The man is dead! People are rejoicing in the streets! Yay America! But yet... while I am genuinely happy about this ten year search being over, and the sense of justice everyone's feeling for the September 11 attacks... two things: 1) I don't believe for a second this is completely finished. His predecessors and partners will continue in terrorism. His death will inspire zealous youths to join up and maybe retaliate. I'm praying against all that, but I just don't buy that this is the end. and 2) amidst the overflow of "BOOYAH" statuses, one of my friends posted a verse, Proverbs 24:17 : "Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles." And it convicted me! It was like perspective... this is a man. He most likely went to hell (I mean unless Jesus knows something that no one else does! haha) Let's make sure we're rejoicing in the justice, and not in murder or hate. I know that not everyone agrees with me. But that's how I feel about the whole thing right now. And before anyone attacks my point of view, I just want to state that I mean no condemnation or judgement for anyone who thinks differently than me. So please be nice. :)

On that note! Haha. Hope everyone has a safe evening.

And happy almost-birthday, Alex - you're my favorite Alex in the whole world!