Sunday, May 22, 2011


I locked myself out of the house while Josh was out on a bike ride. Thankfully, he was riding to my parents' house and they have a key to our house! And thankfully he had just arrived at my family's house! And thankfully I had my camera to entertain myself while I waited for him to come rescue me, haha. I was in the middle of trying to take a "sad that I'm locked out of the house" self portrait, juuuust as Josh pulled up in my mom's van - and the camera caught the smile I greeted him with. So. Pretty cool.

The reason we were going to my family's is because they had a Garage Sale this morning.. so we went over to help them with clean-up and to hang out a little :) We ended up packing most of the stuff away and hauling it to Goodwill, but they did sell a few of the big-ticket items, so that was cool! :)

These little circles were all over the fence! They reminded me of tattoos. 
After Feener time, we went to the MacDonald's house and had a delicious stir-fry dinner. Seriously, it was so good... Followed up by a trip to the park for some tennis. It got a little heated:

And that heat carried over into the two-and-a-half-hour game of Phase 10 - which Barry won, btw, against all odds. But that's the reason this post is late! We hung out over there for a long time. Oh, and Emily and I learned an important lesson in the art of making peanut butter fudge, haha. Look up the terms from the recipe that you don't understand, instead of assuming they mean what they sound like they mean :P It was a great evening - we had so much fun! And now we're both exhausted so G'NIGHT SUCKAS.

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