Monday, May 16, 2011


This picture requires a little explaining... Barry rigged together this contraption that helps in his parachute rigging somehow... I'm not gonna try to explain the technicalities. But it can handle something like 100 pounds of pressure, so throughout the night, the boys were looking for things to put in that loop and crush (or slice, in this apple's case). Pretty funny.

Game Night was much larger than normal! Besides our regulars - Barry and Emily, Jordan, Amy, and Jen - we had special guests Jared, Benge, Christian, Liz, and then Chelsea and Laura showed up with Jen later. It was fun! WE PLAYED TABOO ♥ I love that game.

Isn't this picture of Amy and Liz so cute? They're both so pretty. And this is the second adorable picture of Amy in a row... Paying attention, boys? ;)

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