Monday, August 1, 2011


I promised Jordan that today's blog would be about him. Here are some facts about Jordan:
  • Jordan loves to play the game "Old Maid." (I think he discovered it tonight) These guys played for literally hours. They were still playing when we left!
  • Jordan is the most wonderful brother-in-law that I've ever had. The funniest, too. And the onliest. So I guess he's the worst, too...
  • Jordan has band aids all over his arms and legs because of his crash. The other day, we joked that one of them looked like a nicotine patch. Judged. Anyway, Benge and Sarah are such great friends that they signed his band aid for him. Isn't it adorab-I mean TOTALLY MANLY, ARGH: 

"Get Well Soon -Sarah Bonham" and "You Fell! Lol" (that was Benge)

  • Jordan is single, and so ready to mingle.

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