Friday, April 8, 2011


Jordan came over this afternoon so he could play Runescape in our water closet. He says that being isolated from the real world helps him get into the right mindset, and that our house is the best place for him to be inspired to collect those runes. I'm just kidding! He and Josh have been working on a ridiculous 365 video today, and part of it required that he hang out in the closet to cut down on background noise. It's gonna be hilarious. They're working on it now and it's cracking me up.

Eric showed up for a couple hours to deliver some sweet vinyl that we bought from him, and to catch up. Two birds with one stone. It was really good to see Eric.. I really admire him and the path he's chosen for himself. He's got a heart for God, and it's obvious! Towards the end of the hang out, he and Jordan discussed going out into the woods and hardcore camping. What good friends they are.. don't get to see each other too often, but they've been buds for forever and it's evident.

I was in a cooking mood today - I grilled chicken strips and made mashed carrots/potatoes for dinner, and they turned out really well! I was pretty pleased with them. So the boys got to eat something other than salmon or pizza and I felt good about that, haha.

That's about it. Hope everyone's having a great day! :)

P.S. The weather was incredible today. We opened all the windows and kept the air off and it was awesome. ♥

Edit - here's the video/song they were working on in these pictures:

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