Wednesday, September 7, 2011


HELLO it is I... me. He who writes to you. Now. JOSH. It's him. He! I am here. This place above be trippin'! It was pretty fun. I experienced a spin-you-upside-down ride that actually made me nauseated. So that was...that. But otherwise it was pretty fun. Lots of cool exhibits and optical illusions and stuff. I don't know. We just kind of walked through it and it was fun. K? K.

Then we went to O'Charley's for lunch, and not one but TWO employees complimented my Ron Paul hat. I know... Pigeon Forge, right?! Who knew. Apparently they are libertarians up here. Actually, if you think about it, people who live up in the mountains would probably tend to be more libertarian in general, huh. Anyways, it was cool.

So now we're back at the cabin juzzzchyllen. We've been playing L.A. Noire which is really fun. And Portal 2. So life is good. That's it I guess. The debate is tonight! You know we're gonna watch that. Kbye. 


Now it's Kelli here. Josh wanted to write today's post really bad, so I let him ;) He makes me laugh! 

I'm feeling a lot better today; thanks for the prayers! . It was nice to get out of the cabin and have some light-hearted fun together. Wonderworks had this trippy spinning tunnel that you walk through to get in.. and I've been on things like that before, but this one seriously threw off my balance. I kept running into the rails, haha. So weird! There was also this game that measured your brain waves and moved a marble away from you, depending on how relaxed and focused you were. Josh and I went up against each other, but it was no contest. That marble came straight toward me every time haha - Josh was about as focused and relaxed as a person can be, according to the graphs. That was pretty cool.  

Now I think we're gonna go take advantage of the cold weather/hot tub combination. Loving it. Not ready to go home yet!

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