Thursday, October 13, 2011


So much for waiting a couple days to catch up on chores before I start this book. It was so good.

Thankful Thursday: Gifts #342-372

Josh's handsome new beard!!! I love it - feeling motivated - pumpkin blueberry muffins - successful on-the-fly substitutions in baking - Papa Murphy's vegetarian pizza ohhhhhhhmygoodness - hanging out with friends after being sick for a week! - my sweet friend Jen - the beauty in vulnerability - passion tea lemonade - this post from Jaime the Very Worst Missionary - Jen and Liz on the mics during Halo. Hilarious. - Lil Star Wars - greek yogurt - tomato sandwiches - painting my nails/feeling pretty - getting to see my family - having a friend who will let me borrow her Harry Potter books - new Ryan Adams music - girl time - greek yogurt with honey - having our very own Wahoo board - O'Charley's amazing fried shrimp - goofing off with my husband all day - pumpkin french toast for a giggly midnight snack - breaking out the scarves and coats - dark chocolate - Halo - being a really fast reader ;) - jasmine rice for dinner - new Robert Gay music - my incredibly patient husband

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  1. i didn't know you read that blog! that's one of my favorites! :)