Sunday, March 27, 2011


I wonder how many posts I start off with "TODAY WAS AWESOME." Shrug. It was! First, my photogenic family came over for lunch ♥ I love getting to hang out with them. Getting all of them in the same room is a rarity these days.. It's always so good to have the whole family together! :)

THEN Josh and I made this incredible Apple Berry Mix pie from scratch. It was really good. And it barely has any sugar in it = a huge win for both Josh and I. Only 1/4 c in the whole thing! Plus, no gluten :) The crust is made of cashews, almonds, coconut, and pineapple juice! It was time-consuming (and expensive.. fresh berries cost so stinkin' much!) But the whole experience was worth it. We had a blast :)

Shortly after the initial taste-test, Josh got a phone call from our buddy Barry. He and Emily got a brand new couch today (foh' free!) and they needed Josh's manly strength to help them get it in the house. Emily and I were there to help them make sure they didn't scuff up her newly painted walls ;) And then we just got to chill for a while! It was good. We hadn't gotten to hang out just the four of us in a while, so it was refreshing. We ♥ them.

And THENNN we surprised the Taylor family at their house. We'd already planned to stop by this evening to grab a couple bikes and give Mrs. Laurie a piece of our pie (she let me borrow her food processor so I could make the crust, so the deal was that we'd bring her a slice!).

We're both proud of our pie, and we had a really goofy fun time making it together. Also we got to hang out with all three of our favorite families! So yeah. Today was great. :D

Goodnight, friends! I hope your Sundays were just as good as ours was :)

P.S. You'll thank me later.

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