Monday, April 11, 2011


This afternoon during the brief period that it stopped raining, my sweet husband rode his bicycle to Wal Mart and picked up my favorite candy (Robin Eggs) for me ♥

I like this picture because of it's depth! And if you look reeeeeally closely, you can see the upside-down reflections of Josh in the water droplets... kinda cool! But I wish I had played with it a little more. I wish I'd gotten closer and experimented with the angles, I don't know. I like the result, but I only snapped a total of ten pictures today, all of them similar to this. So even though I got a picture I'm happy with, I want to seek different ways of presenting each subject. :) So there's just a glimpse into my mind for you guys.

If you haven't heard the song that Jordan and Josh worked on this past weekend, check it out. It's pretty hilarious.

Friends are coming over in about an hour for dinner and games! :D

Holy cow are we having another tornado?? The second Monday in a row; that's ridiculous.

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