Thursday, June 16, 2011


This weekend, my brother Joshie is playing in a mega-huge-deal Regional Soccer Championship, in Murfreesboro. Today, they kicked things off with an Opening Ceremony.. It was honestly kind of strange. Thousands of people were there, but the sound system wasn't working very well - sort of makes it hard to be invested in what's going on, haha. Thankfully, it only lasted an hour! And they only made us do the wave twice. Also, horses:

Tennessee Walking Horses, to be exact.

The tournament officially starts tomorrow! There were tons of players, from like ten different states - each state with 10-20 teams... It was crazy watching all those soccer kids running around! CRAZY, I tell you. But I'm excited to see Joshie play, because I haven't been able to do that in a while. He's gonna be great - my little brother is so talented. I hope he has a blast :)

Over a delicious soyless-meatless-"chicken"-dinner, we watched SYTYCD (*SPOILER ALERT*) - this show is going to be my obsession for the summer. Love it. They didn't send anyone home! Which I'm loving, because the first week it's always like, we don't even know the difference between these dancers well enough yet to know whether we want them to stay or not, you know? Lady Gaga as a future guest judge... I can't decide if I'm going to hate that or love to hate it. We'll see!

I'll leave you with this really cool picture that Josh took early this foggy morning (long before I was awake!) I think it looks awesome:

P.S. Thank you, Emily Rushton, for the blog encouragement. It's nice to have support from someone who's been there before ;)

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