Saturday, September 3, 2011


Bethany is a beautiful bride - her dress was perfect! And David's excitement was all over his face - it was ADORABLE. So expectant. The day finally came! Their ceremony was beautiful and simple, and very them. I was crying before she was even out the back door... When I saw David's face, I was gone. So beautiful. 

Josh and I were in charge of the photo booth at the reception. It was fun (I love this picture)! The reception was so charming... Coffee and pie in Bethany's family's backyard, with lights strung up and lit-up mason jars hanging from the tress - it felt like a fairy tale! It was right at sunset, too! Which was kind of a nuisance for me trying to run the photo booth, haha, but it most definitely was a plus in the ambience department. So pretty. Like I said, a fairy tale!

The first time I saw Bethany and David, I knew they were meant for each other. Her whole countenance changed when he showed up that day - it was adorable. So, needless to say... I am so excited for the two of them. They're each other's best friends and they're gonna do great. I can't wait to start having married-double-dates with them! ♥ 

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