Friday, September 2, 2011


What a stud ;)

Dude, Excedrin makes me so jittery and makes me feel real funny... I don't feel like myself at all right now. Gotta train myself to reach for the B vitamins instead of Excedrin when I feel a headache coming on.. This girl can't handle her caffeine worth jack-squat! Pretty pathetic, right? Ha ha ha.

Today's been full of preparations for our upcoming vacation. Totally excited! And I'm feeling pretty organized about it too. We've already packed up almost everything we can so far... it feels good :) Now we've just gotta pack up the cooler and get a good audio book to listen to on the way, and we'll be set!

AH, I can't wait for Bethany and David's wedding tomorrow! I am so excited about them as a couple. They're amazing together - you can't help but love 'em... so precious ♥ I'll be manning the (low-tech) photo booth at the reception, so if you're going to the wedding,  stop by and say hi early in the evening (before we lose the light) and I'll take yo' pitcha fo' free!

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