Friday, September 9, 2011


lol. Not quite a straight shot there, Josh! ;p

Josh went for a run this morning before I was up. He told me where he was going before he left, but I was half-asleep... So when the cabin's phone rang twenty minutes later (I didn't actually find the phone til right after the last ring, though. ha.), my groggy mind went into freakout mode. I was afraid someone had found Josh and was calling to let me know he was hurt or something. Which... doesn't make any sense now because how would they know where he was staying? And even if they did, how would they know the number to the cabin? Then I thought maybe it was Josh trying to get ahold of me, but that doesn't make sense either, because he would've called my cell. I called his cell phone anyway to see if it was him, and the cell phone was in the living room, dead as a doorknob. I was like, "??!?!? why would you go jogging in the winding mountain roads without taking your phone? Do you WANT me to have a heart attack??!?!?" Not a minute later, I caught a glimpse of Josh's white tshirt through the blinds. Overwhelming relief. I opened the door, gave him a big hug, and chastised him for not taking his phone, haha. In that moment I knew that I had overreacted.

It was like God was saying, "There's no need for you to get worked up like that. I'm taking care of y'all!" 

Of course, my behavior this morning wasn't rational - he'd only been gone for thirty minutes. I had no reason to think he was in danger. Now, if it'd been an hour or more, it would've been time to start making sure he was okay. Not to say that bad things can't happen early on in a quick run... or that Josh was right to leave his phone... Just that my worrying was unnecessary. In my half-asleep, husbandless state, I let my imagination and my faith get away from me. I still don't know who called the cabin this morning. They never called back, so... haha. I think it was just so I could re-learn a thing or two about relying on God! :) 

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