Sunday, October 2, 2011


It was either this or a picture of bananas. If you would've preferred the bananas, I apologize...

I slept so long last night. I felt really good when I first woke up.. I had an appetite, I felt pretty rested, no fever, etc. But I can tell my body's still fighting something, because I was already worn out again an hour later, haha. My head has felt pretty foggy all day... like I've taken a sleeping pill but I'm trying not to go to sleep yet. If that makes sense, haha.

Dude, today we learned that Arrested Development is coming back to TV!!!! Josh and I are so excited.

Update on baby Justice: he was in surgery yesterday for a long time, and they had him on meds to control bleeding and blood pressure, now he's been taken off 2 of the meds and bp & bleeding is under control without them! He's got a bunch of fluids going on, so they can't close up his chest until his body can expel them on it's own. In the meantime, they've got him hooked up to control the fluid. That's the last I've heard! Please keep praying for Justice's family and for his little heart to be strong! 

Yo and check out the video that Josh and Jordan made last night! One Messy Minute. Ten points to anyone who recognizes the 10-second-countdown music.

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