Saturday, December 17, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 17th: White.

The Taylors are leaving for Florida on Monday, so we had our Taylor Christmas this afternoon. They gave me a bunch of blank (aka white) canvases and money for paints/brushes! I AM SO EXCITED. I've never painted before, so it'll definitely be a trial-and-error kinda thing. But I'm stoked to learn. And then I can hang up my masterpieces in our house so the walls won't look so lonely. :D

I had so much fun giving everyone their gifts :D I was so happy that they liked 'em... Giving specially-picked-out gifts is so fun. Josh got a bunch of games and a freakin' sweet new mic for the videos.

This evening, a bunch of people (Scott, Jen, David, Kayla, and Jared) came over for dinner, to play some games, and to watch the Messy Monday video shoots. Since Jordan won't be around for the next couple weeks, we shot two videos tonight! They are going to be good, you guys. My husband has a great sense of humor. He and Jordan work well together... it's cool to be apart of that.


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun, Kelli. :)

    Also, I like the way you talk about Josh. It makes life sound cozy.

  2. Awh! I like that :) Thanks, Anne.