Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today's photo is merely a preview of things to come - Josh and I made a goofy video today with the blender! It was so fun :) Other than that, today was pretty uneventful.

We just watched ANTM and it's getting much more interesting as it goes along :) Still not a clear favorite for either of us. But at least it's holding our attention a little better than the first few weeks :P Now we're about to watch this evening's Survivor -Yes, Wednesday is totally our reality TV indulgence night! Or really our TV in general indulgence................... Oh no... it looks like the episode wasn't recorded :/ I guess we'll have to wait til tomorrow for our Survivor fix. :/ BUMMER. It's been so interesting so far! I've never been into Survivor, but Josh talked me into watching it this season and it's definitely been entertaining.

Alright, that's enough TV talk. Yay for making it to day 075 without missing a day! What a beast. 

*edit, 10:50pm: the video is now up! "HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT"

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