Saturday, April 16, 2011


Aren't David and Bethany adorable? I had a lot of trouble deciding which picture to use, because there were a bunch of really cute ones... but they were all so alike in composition that it wouldn't be worth it to post more than one. Eventually I settled on this one because they both look so happy. They're beautiful! Bethany's Senior Recitation was this afternoon. She is so talented - Josh and I both really enjoyed getting to hear her poems. She did really well!

This evening, Josh DJ'd for the NLA Prom. Thats why I'm just now updating - SORRY. It was really fun! But yeah - it's past my bedtime, so I'm going to SLEEP. Goodnight everyone!

P.S. Those Lomax kids have some maajor dancing genes in them. They're supa' fun to watch!

Evan and Judy are masters at anything Hip-Hop, especially "The Reject" - it's freakin' sweet. And Abby has always been a great dancer (although I'm sure she'll be mad at me for posting this picture of her... I think it looks cool though :P)

The other pictures I got tonight will go up on facebook eventually. :)

Ok seriously now. I'm so tired. Goodnight! For real!

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