Saturday, April 16, 2011


Oh my gosh I have the worst headache today. I'm going to hand the reigns over to Josh now because he does whatever I tell him to do. I am a hard taskmaster HIYAH! (That was the sound of me yelling as I crack my whip over his little head. That's what happened to his glasses.)

Josh: Sup fools! Well first off, it's Record Store Day. So I went to The Great Escape in Madison this morning and waited a few minutes in a short line. Turns out they had the Ryan Adams seven inch I was hoping they would. AND it also turns out that I made a good call by deciding not to hit up Grimey's (apparently the line stretched around the outside of the store 3 hours before they opened. Are you kidding me? So dumb.)

Came home and did INSANITY. It's rough, but I'm getting better with it. And I can definitely feel it working. So, there's that. You just sweat so much man. If I can ever completely do the whole thing along with the guy on the DVD without having to take a break... hahahahaha... oh, I mean, yeah I'll be really impressed with myself...

So anyways, I played some kickball today with the MacDonalds, Snyder boys, Wanners, Bicans, Jefner, Abby, Derek etc. Kelli was going to come but we did prom until late into the night last night, so Kelli woke up this morning not feeling great. The woman just needs her sleep, preferably starting before 2:30 in the morning. :/ So bless her sweet little heart, she just took it easy today. I turned some Adventures in Odyssey on for her, and went on my way.

Anyways, kickball was balling. Abby and I had a small collision at home plate that I'm not exactly sure what happened, but somehow my glasses ended up on the ground, in two pieces. THE REAL EXPLANATION FOR THE ABOVE PICTURE. Neither of us were hurt at all. We just collided and then my glasses = teh deadz. Abby felt horrible, but honestly I've been needing a new prescription and new frames anyway. So it all worked out. Jefner and the girls went and got some tape from the MacDonalds' house and fixed 'em temporarily for me. At least long enough so I could drive home. THANKS LADIES.

So eventually I came home and made salmon and potatoes for Kelli and myself.

Okay man well, I'm working on only like 5 hours or sleep. Late night prom and early morning Record Store Day will do that to a fella. I'm gonna play some video games or something, and then go to sleep. Catch you guys on the flip-flop LATER.

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