Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Those who've hung out with me regularly since I started this daily blog know that I get so stinking tired of carrying around my camera bag. Not only is it bulky and fugly, it's honestly a smidge bigger than what I need (which makes organizing my equipment tricky - if everything's too loose, it's not being protected as well as I'd like). The bag actually came with the camera - one of the many cheap accessories to sweeten the deal on eBay - and it's not something I would have ever picked out for myself. Every time we leave the house, I struggle with whether I really want to deal with the awkwardness. So when I'm already carrying my purse, a light sweater, and whatever random stuff I may need to bring along with me, the thought of that extra growth on my hip is a turn-off.

I would love a new bag.

So when I saw that Digital Photography School is giving away one of Think Tank Photo's brand new messenger-style camera bags, I got really excited. That bag went to the top of my wish list. It's called the Retrospective 5 and here it is in all it's awesomeness:

I want it.

I guess it's time for me to start saving money. Or maybe Josh'll give it to me for our anniversary ;p OR MAYBE I'll win it in the drawing that DPS is doing. We'll see! Either way, both those websites are worth checking out if you're into photography. :)

Today was another productive day for me - I finished reorganizing the kitchen cabinets, caught up on laundry, and EVEN exercised with Josh a little! And this evening we enjoyed ourselves some Survivor and some ANTM. So it's been a good day! But I know that this post is already super long and impersonal, so I'll end on that note. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

P.S. I won this bag! And, since this blog was linked on a popular photography website's blogpost, I got a ton of views from strangers. Usually the majority of my views come from friends. 


  1. Hey Kelli,

    I guess Josh won't need to buy you one after all ;-) Congrats!

    Please drop me an email to organise delivery of your very own Retro 5 from

    Sime | digital Photography School

  2. Well that's a good example of positive thinking right there! Congrats on the win, looks like an amazing bag. (I also added it to my wish list)