Friday, June 3, 2011


Oh, hi! I'm Wally the Late Puppy. I had to mosey on down from the magical forest of Opstirs to deliver this blog. My poor master hasn't been feeling too well. (Keep your voice down! She's still asleep!) From what I could gather from my other forest friends who happened to be wandering your land yesterday, she had a pretty rough one. I think that's probably why I was called down from Opstirs.

I think her husband left for a couple of hours to play Halo with some other humans in the evening, but came back home when the master began experiencing a migraine. They fell asleep on the couch shortly after he arrived home, and remained there until morning.

The other forest creatures, and all the citizens of Opstirs have been praying for a speedy recovery for the master. Hopefully, she will be feeling better today.

Okay, well I need to be heading back home. If anyone wants to contribute to the digitalization of Opstirs, that would be muchly appreciated. That way I wouldn't have to travel to a foreign land just to access the World Wide Web and also to play those fun Miniclip games.

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