Friday, July 1, 2011


Mmmm, strawberries!

Mandatory health update: Josh's throat is still hurting him.. I've started feeling a little iffy myself today SAD FACE. I missed Erika's wedding because of it SADDER FACE. I'm probably going to regret that for a long time. I'm ready for this sick spell in our house to be over!

Josh's good mood has continued from yesterday, and it's still so nice to see him up and about. Oh! I forgot to tell you guys about when his fever was breaking in the middle of the night a few nights ago.. He was talking in his sleep about Adventures in Odyssey, and being on a radio show. I started asking him questions, and he described a room with six studios in it, and told me he was afraid of heights, but ONLY on the radio show, not in real life. lol My favorite was when he asked (out of the blue), "Am I in like a funny house?" and I replied, "No, you're at home, sweetheart," and he said, "Oh, ok," and then he went back to sleep. Haha! Hilarious. At least he didn't have any bad fever dreams. 

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