Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My friends are pretty cute, huh? ;) Tonight was a girl's night! I had such a blast. Panera + Fired Up + girl friends is always a good combination. I didn't finish my piece (shocker) so I'll have to go back in a couple days. I don't hate it. Jen didn't paint anything, but Emily's bowl is the cutest. It was so nice spend time with these girls.. I've missed them. I'm so thankful that they came to hang out with me even though my husband has mono, haha. Seriously, Emily's husband tried to talk her out of hanging out, for fear of me sneezing on her (Which I didn't! And I don't have mono anyway! Haha). 

Speaking of, Josh just continues to improve! YAYY. He's still taking it easy - taking naps when needed and such - but I can't get over how nice it is to see him up and about, without a pained look on his face.

Great day ♥

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