Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Renovated Kroger is intimidating.. I didn't know where anything was. Also I had coupons with me but I forgot to use them, like a ditz. I couldn't believe it, I was so frustrated with myself! But at least we have food in this house, right? Rice and eggs weren't really cuttin' it for me anymore :P   

We watched Survivor at the Musgrove's tonight and I've gotta say that outspoken Christians on reality TV drive me up the wall. He's making us look bad! Being so naive and trying to guilt people into doing the things he thinks are right. Hello, have you never seen Survivor before. You can't play that game without at least a smidgeon of dishonesty. You just can't. 

We also watched old home videos over at the Musgroves! Oh my gosh, they were amazing. Josh was so dorky and overly eager and adorable... I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the early years of all these people I now know as adults and teenagers, haha. It was fun. 

Now Josh is working on a drawing and I'm gonna read some Order of the Pheonix before we go to bed.

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