Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Confession: I get grumpy when I'm not feeling great. Today I woke up hurting and I started worrying about going to see Rawdon tomorrow. To be honest.. I'm afraid that I won't stick to the plan again and then I'll just keep getting worse and worse until I'm a legitimate invalid. When I start thinking like that, I internalize the fear and end up lashing out. Josh doesn't deserve that :( Obviously, I still need work in the whole 'be gracious even through adversity' department. Thankfully, I realized I was being a dummy early on in the day... I apologized. I stopped internalizing. Josh listened and let me cry and assured me that he'd be with with me every step of the way :) I'm getting teary-eyed thinking about it, haha... That man is a blessing.

So anyway, sitting around and resting was the main goal today. I wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (and Josh ACTUALLY SOUNDED EXCITED ABOUT IT - YAY!) but then Josh got several drawings in and he had too much work. So instead I caught up on Community and The Office (I was five weeks behind). Yes. You're right. That's a lot of TV. I, my friends, have a lot of down time.

So tomorrow we'll embark on a mini road trip to see the doctor. Josh has an appointment too! And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really interested to see what his report is. Not so much my own. But I keep telling myself it'll be a good thing.

.........please just pray for me when you think about it. This stuff really does get to me. 

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  1. Kelli,

    Just read your blog. Are you doing okay? Why exactly are you going to the doctor? I think you and Josh live close by, so let me know if Anna and I can bring you guys dinner one night or if you guys need anything. I'm really hoping you get a good report. Tell Josh I said hello.