Thursday, December 8, 2011


Photo Challenge for December 8th: Weakness.

Yeh, right now solid food is a weakness for me.

I had a breakdown last night. On day two! That didn't take long, did it? Haha. Turns out I'm way more emotionally attached to food than I'd like to admit. But yeah when we went to bed last night, I legitimately broke down. Usually I can calm myself and see the light after saying my piece and being comforted by Josh for a few minutes, but not this time! It was bad, lol. I think I cried myself to sleep. That's totally embarrassing, right? Why did I have a legit breakdown after only 2 days without food?

Well, I think there were are few contributing factors. For one, I made some really gross veggie juice yesterday that I had TRIED to make taste like soup, but it really just tasted disgusting. That discouraged me. Two, we don't have all the supplements we need yet so my system is kinda outta wack, which makes the emotions come easier. Three, I was overwhelmed by how quickly I got weak when we were out at the Musgroves. There are 27 days to go in this sucker! We're going to have to be away from the juicer for more than an hour at a time sometimes! If I haven't planned well enough ahead and I start feeling weak, there's not much I can do besides go home. And four, I just really really really wish we'd started sooner. I hate that we'll carry over into January with this. :/ That line of thinking doesn't make any sense to Josh, but for me: I was so looking forward to greeting the new year with some good, solid food.

PLUS that emotional attachment thing I mentioned.

Surprisingly, the cravings weren't as bad as yesterday. I mean, now that I'm talking about it, I could really go for some ranch-flavored almond thins, haha... But today I managed to keep full and I didn't obsess over bread all day. :P

I bet my friends on Pinterest are getting a kick out of how many recipes I'm pinning, haha. :P I've unfollowed every "food" board on Pinterest for now, but I still subscribe to a lot of food blogs on Google Reader... And I keep seeing recipes I want to save for after the fast is over. *shrug*

I can't wait til 27 days from now, haha.

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